Women in Engineering - Interview

By: Adam Westbury

Date: 9th September 2021

Name: Laura Baker

Job Title: Senior Design & Estimating Engineer

Area of work: Industrial

Q. How or why did you choose Engineering as a career path?

"The main reason I chose this industry is the fact it’s so definite – there are only set answers, and outcomes aren’t dependant on the moods of others. I also chose mechanical engineering as there’s so much more flexibility to it and there will always be a demand for engineers."

Q. What inspires you about Engineering?

"There’s always room for improvement; I’m constantly finding new areas to develop in and apply existing knowledge to. Even outside of work, I enjoy spotting connections between two things which wouldn’t usually be connected."

Q. What challenges do women face in the Engineering professions?

"Well there’s the obvious – it’s so heavily dominated by men! I find it funny when I’m talking to a client and they ask when the Engineer is turning up, and then I tell them I am the Engineer! Aside from this, a real challenge is how engrained processes are within the industry and so getting a buy in from a client on a new solution can prove to be… difficult."

Q. What is the most exciting thing about your job?

"The constant opportunity to grow and develop, with new problems arising each day. As I predominantly work on modifying existing solutions, it requires a lot of problem-solving skills on my behalf, which I love. As part of a recent project I spent a week on site, conducting surveys, looking at the whole process and the modifications that needed to be made; it’s great to be involved in providing a wholesome solution."

Q. What would you say to girls in school/college who may be considering Engineering as a career choice?

"Go for it! There are still not enough women in the industry, and we have so much to offer. Women can bring a different approach to a situation and the ability to think outside the box – which we need more of."

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