ATS meets the standard!

By: Adam Westbury

Date: 10th May 2019

This month saw our re-certification to the BSI ISO9001 accreditation, which is the internationally recognised standard that demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements.

10 Reasons why the BSI ISO9001 accreditation is massively important to our business

It helps us:

  1. Continually improve and streamline our operations
  2. Improve our offering
  3. To have a competitive edge in tenders
  4. Satisfy more of our customers
  5. Reduce the likelihood of mistakes
  6. Be more resilient and build a sustainable business
  7. Show we have strong corporate governance
  8. Work more effectively with our stakeholders and our supply chain
  9. Inspire trust from our customers
  10. Win more business!

We were initially awarded our certification three years ago, and we have been working hard since then to maintain our high levels of quality control and customer service.

The re-certification audit was undertaken by a BSI auditor with Steve Boon, Becky Clissett, Emma Hopes, Amanda Jennings and Emily Cooper representing ATS. It was an intense day with the BSI auditor spending time with each member of the ATS team, scrutinising all our processes and record keeping, to assess whether we met the stringent standards required, which happily we did.

To uphold the certification is a notable achievement and something we should all be proud of, so we’d like to thank everyone who has contributed towards this extremely positive result!

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