Ventilation Services

Air Technology Systems can provide support to all stages of project development, whether it is in early conceptual design, installation and commissioning of packages, or surveying and upgrading existing systems.


As processes change, or equipment is updated, the Ventilation requirements of a space change.

We can offer a proficient survey to assess the existing Ventilation solutions and the impact of changes within the process, recommending any upgrades required to continue to meet the demand.

Where sites have limited to no data on existing systems, we can assist by assessing the systems and creating a snapshot of the capabilities at the time of the survey. We create drawings of the systems, detailing the airflows, and advising any repairs or improvements and risks.


We offer design only packages, which would include development of conceptual design and drawings, and provision of schedules of equipment for use in project planning and budgeting. We collaborate through the process with our client and any other subcontractors.

By engaging with us at an early stage, we can avoid several issues typically encountered during the later project phases by eradicating them at the concept phase.

Air Technology Systems can also verify designs and advise improvements for both efficiency and cost saving. We aim to provide a solution that is most suitable to the specific requirements and can help identify any risks or potential value engineering options.

We thrive when thinking outside of the box for complex problems and are used to working with significant constraints to the design.

Installation & Commissioning

When it comes to Industrial Ventilation, Air Technology Systems are unrivalled with their installation service.

With a team of dedicated Project Managers & Engineers, where the client’s needs are paramount, to oversee every phase of the Ventilation project, from pre-construction through to installation and commissioning.

We also have in-house capabilities to complete all electrical and control panel requirements.


Our Industrial Ventilation delivery teams are experts within the construction industry, with the following qualifications providing a compliant backbone:

  • IOS 9001
  • IOS 14001
  • ILM
  • NEBBOSH in Construction
  • NEC Accreditation

Health & Safety is always at the forefront of all our Project Managers and Engineer’s minds. It is also important to us, that we provide the most cost and energy efficient solution for our clients, whilst adhering to any tight programs that our clients may have in place.

For more information on our bespoke Industrial Ventilation Services, please contact one of our specialist engineers today.