Maintenance Services

Air Technology Systems are specialists at reactive repairing, overhauling, and pro-active servicing and maintaining all types of HVAC systems.


Our capabilities cover fully electric, gas or oil-fired heaters as well as all types of standalone heating systems / units such as radiant tube, free standing unit heaters, high level gas heating, fan heaters or those associated with heat pump chillers or air conditioning systems.



We provide maintenance to all industrial cooling solutions that includes DX condensers, water- and air-cooled chiller systems and cooling towers. We also provide maintenance to commercial buildings with broad inhouse knowledge of Gas Engine Heat Pumps (GHPs), split air conditioning & VRF / VRV systems.



We offer PPM plans for fully ducted systems with AHUs, centrifugal and axial fans, filters, dampers, grilles, and louvres.

Industrial Ventilation systems are provided within buildings to provide sufficient fresh air for operatives or processes, or to keep buildings safe and comfortable (e.g., local exhaust ventilation systems, or general building extraction systems).

It is therefore important to keep them in a serviceable condition, to ensure your building is meeting the necessary requirements and to avoid unexpected breakdowns.


AHU Servicing

AHUs are an HVAC systems largest single point of failure, and a non-operational AHU can cause down time in production and potential losses. AHU’s require regular servicing to keep them operating at optimal efficiently.

Our service engineers have the wealth of knowledge and experience needed to maintain your systems to the highest standard.


Odour Control

Air Technology Systems have a vast experience in providing Odour Control systems and can issue maintenance, repairs, and media changes to:

  • Biofilters
    • We can make repairs to biofilters (e.g., blocked or poorly performing irrigation systems which are common without regular maintenance).
    • Media replacements – all types of organic and inorganic media (e.g., shells, bark chippings, lava rock etc)
  • Carbon filters
    • We can make repairs and replace all types of carbon filter and complete media replacements.
    • We offer all types of carbon non-impregnated and impregnated and can work with you to understand your needs

Our experience also covers the full Service & Maintenance of Odour Control Units (OCUs), as we have over 20 years’ experience in the industry.


Air Technology Systems are experienced at reviewing and assessing all types of LEV and Odour Control Systems and can provide certification to show correct operation of the systems.

Often Odour Control Systems have a complexed design & control, and correct operation of the system should be checked regularly to ensure it is working correctly.

This is especially important for those which are linked to Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems – e.g., directly extracting from tanks, to comply with HSE Regulations where this a legal obligation to complete these checks at least every 48 months.

We can also visit a site to conduct surveys and assessments of existing operational and failed Odour Control plants to make recommendations to improve operations or bring them back into service.

Maintenance Compliance

ATS service engineers are fully trained and carry all relevant qualifications including:

  • Gas Safe (Commercial and domestic)
  • F-Gas / REFCOM (AC and refrigeration)
  • NICEIC (electrical)

Air Technology Systems can provide the necessary legal checks and certification as part of a servicing agreement, to ensure that your installation remains safe and compliant.


REFCOM Standards

F Gases are refrigerant gases such as HCFCs, HFCs and CFCs; they are used in refrigerated applications and equipment, including air conditioning.

As regulated by REFCOM, all air conditioning and cooling installations that contain more than 2.14kg (5 Tonnes CO2) of an F gas refrigerant should be leak checked once a year. If the system contains more than 24kg (50 Tonnes CO2) of F gas refrigerant, then they should be check checked every 6 months, for leaks and damage, by a contractor certified to work with F gases.