Odour Control Services

Our thorough Odour Control Services are designed to provide you with the most efficient and cost effective Odour Abatement Solution in the industry.


At Air Technology Systems, we are more than a Design and Delivery contractor, we are a business capable of survey works for scoping, feasibility, and concept design.

Our in-house design team can offer a wide range of design skills and, where we do not have the skills, we use well established external support.

We have installation teams are capable of both mechanical and electrical installation, holding all the industry standard qualifications. Equipped with skills, knowledge and competence to pre-commission and commission our installation both mechanically and electrically.


Often on sites original design documentation is lost or systems are modified over time and move away from the original intended design.

Other times, the systems are still in place operating as intended, but have not been maintained correctly over the years, and the performance of the system has degraded and beyond repair.

At Air Technology Systems, we can help document the current operation of the system, assess the capabilities of the various Odour Control treatment stages. We can advise any repairs or modifications that may be required to bring your system up to the required performance.

What do they include?

Surveys and testing can include visual inspection of equipment, performance testing of Odour Control units which include flow testing, olfactometry, odour data logging and residual pressure in the system.

Where design information is known, we can provide a report detailing how the system is operating in comparison to the design, and if there are areas where it is currently failing to meet the intended design, we can work with you to assess suitable repairs or upgrades to rectify this.


As with all project development, engaging with all design parties early can be highly beneficial both to the duration and ease of the project, and the overall cost.

Engaging with Air Technology Systems early about your potential Odour Control needs means we can get the correct information to other contractors at an early stage. We where we can incorporate other elements of the design - improving the Odour Control efficiency or reduce the Odour Control requirements.

Utilising effective containment around high odour areas can reduce the overall volume of air that the Odour Control Unit (OCU) needs to treat.

Using high velocity air supply across large rooms, significantly improves the atmosphere within, whilst also increasing the amount of odour captured and removed to be treated.


Another element often not considered in the early project design is the access required for future maintenance of Odour Control Systems.  This is often the case if they include carbon filters, which require regular media replacement when spent.

These require vehicle access for removal and replacement of media, yet often only small, constrained spaces are left for OCUs to be located.

Early engagement means you can fully understand the installation needs and footprint requirements, and the ongoing maintenance requirements right at the planning stage of a project.

Installation & Commissioning

At Air Technology Systems, we have Supervisors and Engineers who have been working in the industry for several years. We ensure our site employees are trained to the highest standard, including NEBOSH and SMSTS.

Our engineers have gained qualifications to SVQ level 2 & 3 in ductwork installation and use the learnings on both galvanised mild steel and plastic installations.

We pride ourselves on closing out projects so with our ability to pre-commission and commission our installation mechanically when air balancing or testing for duct velocities and pressures, or electrically via fault finding, instrumentation, software or plant set up.

We test all our electrical installations to NICEIC standards and produce our own reports.


Where we have existing Odour Control Units (OCU) we can review its current capability against the design vs what the system is experiencing.

As part of the review, we have the in-house capability to advise if the Odour Control Unit needs a refurbishment with any of the following:

  • New media
  • Irrigation system
  • Change of media type
  • Additional Odour Control Solutions e.g., carbon filter or biofilter addition