Industrial Climate Control Industries

Air Technology Systems are specialists in providing the most efficient Industrial Climate Control solutions, with direct experience in the Pharmaceutical, Storage & Distribution, Manufacturing, Food Processing, and Mining.

Pharmaceutical Climate Control

Air Technology Systems specialise in providing the most efficient and compliant climate control solutions for pharmaceutical storage and distribution.

Our solutions are designed to meet the stringent requirements of both the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) and manufacturers as well as your specific requirements and needs.

MHRA reports show temperature control to be the single biggest issue that the pharmaceutical industry faces, and at Air Technology Systems our mission is to adapt and provide the best solution for you.

Our Solution:

The most effective solution to deal with these potential climate control challenges is our high velocity air induction nozzle system.

We've developed a system which offers horizontal and vertical temperature control throughout the operational area, including densely racked mezzanine areas and pick towers.

Our bespoke systems are designed with energy efficiency at the forefront of our thinking - with current emphasis on climate change and sustainability, there is an ever-bigger drive than ever to provide the most efficient systems.

Therefore, our systems are optimised such that, via temperature control monitoring and remote monitoring (RMS), the systems will automatically run in the most efficient capacity. An example of this is free cooling and night purge mode will be enabled when the external ambient temperature drops below the internal temperature set point.

Storage & Distribution

Air Technology Systems are specialists in Warehouse Heating & Warehouse Cooling, with over 30 years experience in providing Industrial Climate Control.

We use a combination of specialist techniques to enhance the design and installation of our innovative solutions that maximise on Ventilation and Climate Control efficiency throughout the treated space.

Distribution Centres and Warehouses vary in size, complexity, levels of automation, numbers of occupants; with the products and goods being stored varying widely too.

Our Solution:

Our dedicated team specialise in taking all these factors and their variants into account and approaching each project individually.

This method ensures that we provide you with the best industrial climate control solution for your project, as well as achieving the project brief. It is important to us that we provide you with a competitve pricet and delivering the solution within the agreed project deadline.

Our Climate Control System is specifically designed for large Industrial Warehouses, due to its varied capabilities in the following:

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Ventilation
  • Air replacement
  • Humidity Control
  • Heat Recovery
  • Fume Dilution
Mezzanine Temperature Control:

Our specialist system is also designed for specific use within multi-storey Mezzanine; common within distribution centres.

Air distribution within these Mezzanine areas can differ significantly from conventional warehouse solutions.

Within these areas it is critical to ensure that adequate Temperature-Controlled Ventilation is supplied into the body of the Warehouse Mezzanine / Pick Tower.

It's vital that an appropriate amount of supply air is delivered to each level – thus providing a comfortable working environment for your employees, and maintaining even temperatures for the storage of products.


Warm air heating, utilising our Industrial Ductwork Distribution Systems, has been a widespread choice for providing an efficient method of Heating and Cooling into large manufacturing warehouses.

The advantages of utilising our Industrial Climate Control Solution allows for the design of Ductwork systems to be optimised and sizes minimised. This allows for more mechanical handling equipment and storage to be installed within the space.

Our Industrial Climate Control Systems ensure and guarantee even temperature distribution within the treated space - without the need to install destratification fans.

Our Solution:

The main issues that manufacturing facilities can face include temperature fluctuations caused by heat expelled from MHE (Mechanical Handling Equipment), as well as heat generated from manufacturing processes.

Our Industrial Climate Control systems are specifically designed to deal with and control environments within this type of application.

Another system we have installed into Manufacturing Facilities is our air displacement system. This works by supplying outdoor air at low velocity from air diffusers, usually 3m above finished floor level. This ensures a comfortable working environment and helps bring energy costs down.


There are two main factors to consider when it comes to climate control within the Food Storage & Distribution Industry; these being temperature and humidity control.

More often than not food goods need to be stored at a constant cool temperature, where relative humidity is maintained at an optimum level as to ensure the goods are not spoiled.

High temperatures and humidity levels within the treated space can be disastrous for the product, potentially causing a build-up of mould and condensation forming within the packaging.

Our Industrial Climate Control System can eradicate both issues by achieving even temperature and humidity levels throughout the treated space, eliminating any hot or cold temperature spots, that may spoil or be detrimental to the storage of food products.


Air Technology Systems supports the UK mining industry, supplying bespoke ventilation systems to above ground operations.

Mission critical processes such as winders and control panels need cooling and heating to guarantee safe use as well as specialist filtration to ensure they are not put at risk from site operations.

Collaborating with international engineering teams and our extensive supply chain, Air Technology Systems can offer you unique design solutions with speedy procurement strategies to deliver for our clients.

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