Air Technology Systems are specialists in Ventilation, as we have an in-depth understanding of the movement of air and what can impact this, to determine the most efficient solution for a wide variety of industries.

What Industrial Ventilation Services do we provide?

Air Technology Systems have been providing complete design, supply, install and commission packages for Industrial Ventilation, over 30 years.

We have an experienced team of project managers, engineers and mechanical & electrical installers who work together to provide high quality installations.

Their input is invaluable for the development of solutions, ensuring that future factors such as access for maintenance are considered at initial stages in the design.

We use qualified project engineers for installations at height - such as in shafts, in plant rooms with no clear floor space for access, where typically fixed scaffolding is required.

What Industrial Ventilation do Solutions we offer?

We use a combination of traditional and innovative Industrial Ventilation techniques to provide solutions that will maximise the Ventilation efficiency in any situation:

  • Eliminate areas of low ventilation – hotspots
  • Aid the effective capture of odours
  • Assist in the prevention of fugitive emissions
  • Effectively achieve the desired air change rates
  • We can reduce the number of air changes required by using our air supply nozzle system that can be up to ten times more effective than a traditional extraction system
  • Tackle excess heat issues with a range of solutions

What industries do we provide Industrial Ventilation to?

Air Technology Systems Ltd have spent decades on the calculation, study, and observation of the effectiveness and efficiency of perceived ventilation strategies and design.

Where required, requested, and identified we have provided this solution to the following industries/sectors:

  • Water, Wastewater & Sewage
  • Recycling & EfW Facilities
  • Composting Facilities

For more information on our bespoke Industrial Ventilation Solutions, please contact one of our specialist engineers today.