Odour Control Industries

Air Technology Systems have spent the last 30 Years developing the most efficient Odour Control Solutions , which have been proven in a number of Industries.

Cost Effective

We have found that the following industries: Wastewater, Energy from Waste and Food Storage, have a mixed attitude towards Odour Control.

We understand at Air Technology Systems that CAPEX and OPEX are important. Which is why TOTEX (Total cost of Capital expenditure + Operational expenditure) of Odour Control is a key consideration to our clients.

We ensure our solution is the most cost effective from a TOTEX point of view.

We use innovative techniques to reduce the volume of air to be treated. Other methods of treating high and low odours from the different sources are also used across your site.


Water & Wastewater

We work closely with all Wastewater Companies, and so have a wide range of experience and knowledge which can support our clients.

We can suggest the best solutions, technologies and plant for a project that may be fixed by your client’s specification.

We use these opportunities as part of, not only our continuous development but, our client’s continuous development to Odour Control Solutions.

For End Users and operators, we consider operational activities and routine maintenance.


When we are faced with odour control projects that are part of a refurbishment, we consult with the operators and the client liaison team to find the best solution to maintenance restrictions.

Energy from Waste

The Energy from Waste market can be a challenging environment, with cost and programme being the main drivers

Our experience and knowledge in the water industry means we can apply these learnings, bringing them to a client that may not be familiar working with odorous sites.

As the contaminated air tends to be more stable and predictable, we can offer established processes to treat the different compounds with in the air, using a multi stage treatment process.