Industrial Climate Control Solutions

At Air Technology Systems, we have spent over 30 years continuously improving upon our proprietary system designs, with a specific view to provide Industrial Climate Control Solutions to suit your needs.

Warehouse Climate Control

With this in mind our vast experience has made us experts in the Industrial Climate Control Solutions for:

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Distribution and Storage
  • Warehousing and Logistics with inclusion of:
    • Personnel Manned / Operated Pick Towers
    • Mezzanine Floors
  • Black Box & White Box Temperature & Humidity Control
  • Food / Drink / Confectionary Production, Distribution and Storage
  • Aerospace / Automotive Production

Through our years of experience and development we have ascertained that in order to provide you with the level of service that meets with our core values we have had to adapt and continuously grow, such that we can offer you the following in-house services:

  • Design, Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Maintenance
  • Installation access and support throughout the UK
  • Specialists in Installations and Designs for buildings >40m in height
  • In-house Electrical Design and Control Panel Manufacturing

At Air Technology Systems, we have developed a number of bespoke Industrial Climate Control systems designed to meet your warehouse heating, cooling and ventilation needs. Our bespoke systems are specifically designed for a various range of applications including; Frost Protection; Heating only for employee comfort; Heating and Cooling; and Ventilation for indoor air quality purposes; as well as Humidity Control.

Our Solution:

Our High Velocity Industrial Climate Control System is designed specifically for large scale HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) solutions.

This sees our systems being utilised and applied to many industries due to the inherent robust, effective and efficient characteristics of the system design.

The system is designed and works on the principles high velocity air exiting the nozzle outlet, entraining the surrounding air within the space, mixing the supply air with the surrounding room air. Thus ensuring even temperature stratification and gradients throughout the treated space vastly limiting and mitigating against the risk of dead spots. Our Industrial Climate Control System is therefore the number one solution for your Warehouse Heating, Cooling, Humidification and Ventilation requirements.

Why use us?

The benefits of our High Velocity Industrial Climate Control System are:

  • Guaranteed performance and temperature requirements achieved
  • ErP and Building Regulation Complaint Systems
  • Available as an all-electric solution
  • Efficient, intelligent controls systems working offering Remote Monitoring as well as system optimisation such as Summer Time Free Cooling or Night Purge Mode
  • Low maintenance and operational costs vs conventional systems

For smaller warehouse application and spot cooling, we utilize our all-electrical high efficiency air source heat pump Modular Cooling & Heating System – utilising a combination of either our proprietary high velocity duct system or fabric duct sock system – application dependent.

MCC Room Solutions

Air Technology Systems are the UK’s premier specialist in motor control centre (MCC Room) and electrical panel cooling, with over 30 years’ experience in keeping assets within optimum temperature ranges.

Our industries move to more intelligent motor control options, resilience and efficiency are at the forefront of our design considerations and your needs. Air Technology Systems are well versed in all aspects of MCC room design, ensuring peak performance of systems year-round.

We have a demonstrated history of successful MCC Room (Motor Control Centre) cooling applications in a wide variety of industries such as Power generation, Water, Mining, Gas Supply and Nuclear. Regardless of the application we have the experience to supply a system that can provide you with industry leading levels of efficiency and redundancy.

With decades of design experience in heat recovery, heat pump air conditioning units, air handling units and mechanical ventilation systems, our team of engineers is unparalleled in their depth of knowledge. Our close industry relationships with all the major motor control centre manufacturers help us tailor a solution to meet your needs.

Green Energy Solutions

In an ever-evolving environment, Air Technology Systems have become aware of the changes that need to be made in order to, not only reduce our ever-increasing impact on the environment, but to also achieve the most effective and sustainable solutions that meet the ever-growing demands and needs of our clients – as well as safe guarding against future energy instability and rising costs.

We have therefore developed a number of Green Energy solutions for specific use with our core Industrial Climate Control Systems, designed specifically for delivering high performance whilst guaranteeing you the highest levels of efficiency for Industrial Climate Solutions.

Our all-electric, air-cooled heat pump solutions combine the very best in cutting edge technology, delivering CoPs (Coefficient of Performance) vastly in excess of minimal industry standards.

This together with our Air Handling Units and with our proprietary Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Systems means there is no other more effective Industrial Climate Solution on the market.


These all-electric solutions are designed specifically to work in tandem with our current system designs in order to achieve greater efficiency levels:

  • Advanced Design Technologies;
    • IES Thermal Modelling
    • CFD Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • REVIT 3D Modelling
  • Energy recovery systems
  • Intelligent Controls designed and manufactured inhouse
  • Efficient, intelligent controls systems designed and manufactured in house, offering Remote Monitoring as well as system optimisation such as Summer Time Free Cooling or Night Purge Mode
  • Efficient and Effective Project Management Systems – running off the latest platform; Archdesk
Our Solutions:

With sustainably produced and procured energy, we are able to provide you with all-electric solutions that are targeted to be Net Carbon Zero by 2023. This is a massive undertaking and an initiative that Air Technology Systems are committed to further protect and enhance our living environments. With this in mind our project range in recent years has been expanded and developed to include:

  • All Electric Package Air Handling Units (PAHU), utilising the latest in heat pump technology for large scale Industrial Heating & Cooling Solutions
  • Chiller Heat Pumps combined with Air Handling Units, utilising the latest in heat pump technology and plate heat exchanger technology for large scale heating and cooling Industrial Climate Solutions – with a system design aimed at maximum efficiency whilst reducing refrigerant content.
  • Modular Cooling & Heating; our  Industrial Climate Solution designed specifically for smaller Warehousing needs, spot cooling / heating and or where it is not possible to install large centralised plant. Our Modular Heating and Cooling system combines the efficiency of our High Static Ducted Fan Coil Units, externally mounted heat pump condensing units and our High Velocity Heating & Cooling System for optimum Climate Control.


We pride ourselves on the services we offer and specialise in, having cultivated and combined our wealth of experience enhancing this together with the most up to date and cutting-edge technologies. We aim to provide you with a dynamic and full turnkey in-house Design, Installation & Project Management solution.

Whilst our roots as an Engineering & Project Management Organisation stem from Mechanical & Electrical Building Services, we have spent the last 30 years honing our skills and specialising in Industrial Climate Control Solutions, Industrial Ventilation, Odour Control, Controls and Control Panel Manufacturing.

In addition to this, our System Solutions have been enhanced utilising industry standard solutions applicable to wholesale / large applications:

High Velocity Climate Control

Air Technology System’s High Velocity Industrial Climate Control System is a highly efficient and effective air movement and mixing system, making this system ideal for your large-scale warehouse climate control requirements; typically, being racked bulk storage, high and low bay as well as highly regulated industries such as pharmaceutical.

The system operates on the key principles of air induction and entrainment, through this philosophy and proven design principle.

We are able to achieve mixing ratios of > 20:1. As a direct result of this performance we are able to efficiently Climate Control a treated space with significantly less air – comparative to conventional commercial systems.

Our proprietary Nozzle Outlets are designed for a range of applications and as such come in varying sizes to suit the solution type. Air is diffused through the nozzle(s) at high velocity from high level, designed to achieve an air movement speed of between 0.25-0.5m/s at 1.5m AFF - this is typical design practice and as such can be varied to suit your specific requirements and needs.

Displacement Ventilation

Our Displacement Industrial Climate Control Systems are designed for low velocity applications – making these systems ideal for manufacturing, process, pharmaceutical, laboratory and clean room environments.

Displacement systems are designed on a low temperature delta between the supply air and required room temperature condition. This creates an even temperature gradient throughout the zone ensuring thermal comfort and mitigating against rapid temperature excursions, that can be prevalent with most conventional heating and cooling systems.

Air is diffused through low velocity perforated displacement terminals at a maximum face velocity of 2.5m/s – for process critical areas. This is especially critical as high velocity air movement can promote contamination and migration if not adequately controlled.

With Displacement Heating, Cooling & Ventilation Systems, thermal comfort within the space is much more easily achieved, however the effectiveness of the systems is greatly affected by the selection type of the displacement terminal, as well as the positioning of the terminal such as the height at which they are installed.

Push-Pull Ventilation

At Air Technology Systems, we have developed and utilised the traditional Push Pull Ventilation System to great effect within both the Water Sector and Warehousing & Logistics Industries.

This solution works with traditional supply and extract systems; however, we have enhanced the effectiveness of this system by combining it with our own Industrial Climate Control System.

By using effective ventilation efficiency rates, we are able to reduce the overall system capacity due to the inherent design characteristics of the High Velocity HVAC System.

With this system design type, air is introduced into the space via nozzle outlets, this high velocity air entrains the surrounding air, mixing and diluting it whilst simultaneously creating a blanket of air that is pushed directly towards the extract grilles. The extract grilles work to pull and capture the air as it is being pushed and directed to the grilles.

This system type is best suited to applications that require high levels of ventilation dilution, rapid clearance, clean areas or particularly odorous environments.

The Push Pull Ventilation System is further enhanced by utilising heat recovery systems with high efficiency electric system components.

All-Electric Capabilities

At Air Technology Systems we have developed a specific range of all-electric solutions, designed to work with our core system designs for Industrial Climate Control Solutions.

Our all-electric HVAC solutions utilise mechanical equipment, which boast the latest in technological advancement and offering the most efficient performance output comparative to existing conventional systems.

Our systems demonstrate the highest in the performance whilst offering the lowest in SFPs (Specific Fan Powers) and highest CoP’s (Co-efficient of Performance).

As a direct result, we no longer have to be reliant on fossil fuels such as natural gas, LPG and or Oil for the primary heating source for your system design and solution.

In addition to this, as part of sustainably generated and procured clean energy, these systems are assisting us in our efforts in becoming net carbon zero by 2023.

For further information on our Climate Control Systems, or to find out how we can assist with your Warehouse and Logistics Climate Control requirements please click here to be put in contact with one of our Technical Sales Engineers.