Maintenance Industries

Air Technology Systems offer comprehensive Service & Maintenance Planned Preventative Maintenance packages to a multitude of Industries.



HVAC Systems for Pharmaceutical storage and distribution buildings are required to ensure buildings are fully compliant with the stringent MHRA guidelines for storage of pharmaceutical products.

It's crucial to stay within very specific temperature ranges throughout the year and work with many of the UKs leading pharmaceutical distributors to make sure their buildings and stock remain at the correct temperature.

Storage & Distribution


As we are specialists in providing and maintaining HVAC Systems in Storage and Distribution Centres.

In this sector our clients are usually interested in the correct storing of products (e.g., chilled goods) and for comfort of the workforce.

Many Warehouse and Distribution Centres operate 24 hours a day continuously, meaning we plan our PPM visits to minimise disruption to the building operations.

We provide a call-out facility to ensure a fast reaction time should any unexpected breakdowns or alarms occur which could jeopardise the operations within the building.

Water & Wastewater


It's important that Ventilation and Odour Control Systems operate efficiently, to maintain safe environment for operators and to meet necessary site discharge consents, Environment Agency notices and maintain good relationships with close receptor sites.


We understand DSEAR regulations, we can design, supply, install and maintain Ventilation Systems which comply to these Water site regulations.

Recommendations are made, where existing systems are not compliant, to rectify and meet the required guidance. We have worked in this industry for more than 30 years and understand the safety requirements of working on a water treatment or Wastewater site.

During a PPM service visit, we can complete a free condition report and make recommendations to any parts or components which could put the system at risk of failure, so as the work can be completed in a planned way with minimal down-time.



In the mining industry, it can be vital for ventilation systems to be consistently operating to maintain safe environments for operators and to ensure any planning requirements are consistently adhered to.

Different sites have different requirements, and we offer a flexible approach to ensure the continuous, safe operation of all our client’s HVAC needs.

We offer the facility to recommend and stock any critical spares so that we can respond to call-outs quickly and efficiently and minimise downtime.

For more information on the Industries that we work on within our Service & Maintenance Department, please contact us below.