Three Peaks Challenge for Tiny Tickers

Date: 14th July 2022

On the 9th July at 6:45am, our Dan Milton and his Wife Jemma started their 1st climb up the Ben Nevis as part of the 3 Peaks Challenge. Ultimately, was a tough climb and they met many new faces who joined them on their climb. They summited at 10:00am before descending and jumping on what would be their new lounge & bed – the hot minibus with 12 other people...

The next stop was Scafell Pike, setting off at 20:15 they were under strict orders to climb quickly and be back down by midnight. The climb took place with the sun setting over the neighbouring mountains, and they hit the summit at approximately 22:10. The pace was tough and not all of them made it. The decent involved walking in the dark with their headtorches on to ensure they got down - they arrived at 00:06 for a quick refresh and then on to Snowdon.

They arrived for a quick breakfast and briefing, instructing the group that all of the group will summit Snowdon. They set off at 06:10 and climbed confidently until they summited at 09:05, the Pyg track was the accent and with the morning sun rising in the East made the climb that much tougher as there was little to no breeze. The decent was down the Llanberis Path, which essentially was the end of their journey. Upon the arrival in the village at 12:15 a celebratory ice cold lager went down a treat.

The walk was in support of the charity, Tiny Tickers, in memory of their son Noel who sadly passed away at 8 weeks old, who would now be 12, and this week marks 12 years of him suddenly passing away.

Dan and Jem would like to thank everyone at Air Technology Systems & ATS Plastics for their support and donation. They would also like to thank ATS for making a big donation which kick-started the fundraising to allow them both to undertake the challenge fully sponsored, and also meant the Tiny Tickers Charity received more money. To date they have raised £2,221.00.

For anybody looking to partake in this challenge, and wants to know how much work needs to be put in:

• 15hr 13mins walking
• 41.72km
• 2,919m elevation
• 5,341 Calories burnt
• 21min /km average pace
• 10 litres water
• Lots and lots of sweets, snack, nuts, fruit, and protein bars
• 22hrs in the fun bus traveling from and to Chester Train Station.

A huge congratulations to Dan & Jem in completing this extremely brave challenge, for the best possible cause. 🤍