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Supply Chain Stability

With the increase of headlines around the topic of supply chain stability, we wanted to discuss the importance of developing strong, flexible relationships in the current fluctuating market.

At Air Technology Systems Ltd, strengthening our supply chain is crucial to ATS’ core ideology of putting the customer at the centre of what we do. We promote a culture of forward-thinking and innovation; designed to provide our clients with relevant products and services; sustainably procured from like-minded organisations.

This approach has enabled our business to prosper through the toughest of market conditions, which in recent years has been impacted by the housing boom recession of 2008 and now, more famously, the Global Pandemic.

These changes to our current market offer up varying challenges: inflation & rising costs of raw materials; delayed supply & increased demand; longer lead times; changes to consumer trends; and the contracting giants bulk buying.

These challenges levy high pressures on SME’s and the supply chain, resulting in higher operating costs and programme delays. This is further supported by Glenigan UK’s recent Construction Industry Forecast, which highlights a significant dip in industrial project commencements for 2023 vs 2022.

With this in mind, one of our strengths as an organisation is to build long-lasting relationships with key suppliers.

Our strategy for 2022/23 is to continue to grow new and nurture existing relationships in our supply chain, in order to offer our clients a guaranteed delivery model.

Historically, we have overlooked the single points of failure associated with a smaller, less dynamic, supply chain.

In answer to this shortfall, we have bolstered the quantity of suppliers we work with and continue to engage with comparable suppliers within the industry.

As we continue to grow our supply chain portfolio, we encourage all prospecting suppliers to get in contact with us:

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