Aloha Summer Party

By: Adam Westbury

Date: 16th July 2019

The invitations to this year’s summer party promised food, games, drinks and dancing…and a Hawaiian theme – and we had the lot and plenty more too!

The party began with people jumping on to a coach at ATS, which whisked us away to The Crown at Hallow, where we were greeted with a glass of Pimms and a Hawaiian lei (garland).

After a couple of drinks and with everyone settled in, Steve and Becky took centre stage to acknowledge the contribution members of staff make to the business and to tell us their plans for the continued evolvement of the business and how it will move forward and operate in the near future. It all sounded very exciting and we will all hear more details soon.

Following Steve and Becky’s speech, the ‘Quiz Master’, Dave Castle put us into random teams for the quiz. With picture rounds, category rounds and general knowledge, it was great fun and very competitive! In the end, Team 2 (Laura Baker, Abbeygale Parkin, Rebecca Clissett, Sean Mayall and Simon Boon) & Team 3 (Steve Boon, Scott Bannister, David Nokes, Graham Cox, Ashton Greenwood and Josh Guinan) couldn’t be separated, coming in joint-first! Well done you guys!

The enjoyment continued for the rest of the day and night with food, drink and more games keeping the party buzzing at The Hallow. Another highlight was Louie Keen’s turn at the flamingo Piñata, which brought the house down – well the fairy lights in the tepee at least! It was hilarious and we’re delighted to report that the Piñata survived Louie’s assault, completely unscathed!

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