Congratulations Miles, you’ll go far!

By: Adam Westbury

Date: 18th July 2019

We’re delighted to report that Junior Project Engineer Miles Winwood has successfully completed his 2-year, level 4 Apprenticeship in Project Management.


This is the first project management-specific qualification within ATS and will be part of a wider review and improvement of our work in this area over the coming months and beyond.


After finishing his education at North Bromsgrove High School and Sixth Form, Miles decided against going to university, opting instead to kick-start his career, and join ATS.

When Miles joined the company he was able to consider a number of possible career specialisms to pursue. An electrical apprenticeship was a strong contender but seeing the work of our project management team helped Miles decide that an apprenticeship in project management mwas the path he wanted to follow.


Miles began his apprenticeship in January 2017 and within a few months he had passed the academic/theory foundation module. From there, it was all about building his portfolio of hands-on experience, while being continuously assessed by an outside panel and his in-house mentor, Jon Moore.

The final hurdle for Miles, which took place in our offices on 15th May, was a written exam followed by discussion panel of external assessors and Jon Moore.


Miles would like to thank Jon for all of his help, advice and guidance and he would also like to thank everyone else who has supported him in various ways over the last two years or so.

As his mentor, Jon is rightly proud of Miles’s achievement, telling us:

“Miles has worked extremely hard, balancing his ATS responsibilities of working on our live projects in the water industry, with his personal development responsibilities to produce the work and assignments required for his apprenticeship. I’m very pleased and proud of everything he’s learned and achieved, especially at a young age. I’m sure he’ll be celebrating in the usual way and so he should, it’s well deserved!”

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