Warehouse Cooling Solutions for United Drug Sangers, Belfast

Air Technology Systems provided Industrial Modular Cooling & Heating Solution for a 7,500m2 Pharmaceutical Warehouse.

Client – United Drug Sangers

When supply chain services company United Drug Sangers had concerns with the operation and functionality of the existing cooling system in their distribution warehouse, they called upon us to provide a new cooling solution that would meet its sustainability requirements and specific business needs, whilst using the very latest air induction technology.

Project Scope & Objectives

We needed to provide a Climate Control System, specifically our high velocity Modular Cooling system, to comply with the strict MHRA guidelines. This project had to be undertaken in an operational building due to time constraints, including night-time working.

The benefits of using an ATS high-velocity system approach are:

  • Full design responsibility for system performance
  • We have completed many previous installations within Pharmaceutical Warehouses
  • Familiar with the requirements of the MHRA
  • We can include out of hours working
  • Full site supervision during the installation period
  • Modular Cooling for ease of installation
  • Low operational costs due to high ratio mixing system combined with effective control systems.
  • The system met the client’s requirements for improved climate control, lower operational cost, and low maintenance needs.


To overcome the issue of working around operational hours, we had discussions with the client and agreed times suitable to allow us to be on site and complete the installation outside of normal working hours.

The modular version of our Industrial Climate Control System was selected as there was insufficient space to install a centralised plant. Large ductwork is thus unnecessary and also limited the amount of time working over track and machinery. The modular approach to this project enabled zonal heating and cool thereby further reducing operational costs.


The Industrial Climate Control System provided was designed to control the treated warehouse areas to comply with MHRA temperature requirements. By using the Modular Cooling system, the air is distributed throughout the space via a series of high-velocity distribution ductwork systems and balanced air distribution nozzles.

The air induction nozzles produce an air induction ratio of up to 15:1 providing high mixing of the air thus preventing micro-climates within the space and giving even horizontal and vertical temperature gradients. It is critical that a high-velocity type approach is used in this application to efficiently deal with the high bay warehouse areas and reduce temperature variations.


To complete this project to the agreed schedule, we made a detailed plan with the client for installation areas and times. A progress plan of operations was not only issued to the client but placed on the local information boards for all operatives to be aware of.

Areas and times were agreed and cordoned off and the installation commenced speedily due to the safe practices and aid of the client and the site team. Due to the co-ordination of the project the client did not lose any working time and fulfilled all their daily orders and the project was completed earlier than the planned programme.