All-Electric Industrial Climate Control Solution

Introducing our all-electric green packaged industrial climate control solution, utilising the latest in refrigerant heat pump technology and our  high velocity ventilation system.

Client – United Caps, Dinnington

Project Scope & Objectives

Working on behalf of Jarvale Construction and South Yorkshire Building Services, Air Technology Systems Ltd were commissioned to design, install and commission an all-electric, green, industrial climate control system within the new 14,560m² production facility.

Temperature and humidity control were the key parameters for the successful operation of the production and manufacturing process.

Due to the requirements of the project, we took a more innovative approach, by providing an all-electric solution to satisfy the heating and cooling demand.


  • Distribution of 220kW of Cooling & 110kW of Heating
  • Maintaining 20°C Winter Temperature & 28°C Summer Temperature
  • Providing an energy efficient all electric solution
  • Humidity control
  • MHE – Mechanical Handling Equipment heat loads
  • Pressurisation of adjoining Automation Corridor to prevent cross contamination
  • Noise restrictions, due to the proximity of a local school
  • A full width crane rail installed within the production area resulting in no ductwork being able to be installed within the area


This was an extremely challenging project from the offset, due to the air distribution within the production area as well as delivering the necessary cooling and heating requirements via a electric heating medium.

The solution required a turnkey approach, incorporating our own proprietary High Velocity Air Induction Industrial Climate Control System together with 2no. high efficiency all electric PAHUs (Packaged Air Handling Units).

This combination enabled our design team to provide a solution that negated the necessity for ductwork to be run within the main production area.

Our Approach

Treated High Velocity air is injected into the space via air induction nozzles installed within the service corridor wall. These nozzle outlets are positioned and angled to ensure even temperature coverage within the space, whilst minimising stratification and potential dead spots.

This is a key design characteristic of our Industrial Climate Control System, providing maximum performance and efficiency, delivered via a method which is significantly smaller than like-for-like conventional HVAC and or Displacement Systems.


The combination of our innovative design approach, with highly efficient technology and project management practices, resulted in a project that was delivered on time and on budget. This project also took place in the midst of a global pandemic.

Our all-Electric Industrial Climate Control Solutions are quickly becoming the go-to solution for our client's HVAC requirements. As the UK enters this energy transfer phase, we aim to provide certainty during uncertainty with the production and distribution of fossil fuels such as natural gas.

Not only this, but as part of sustainably produced and procured electricity, our clients are able to benefit from efficient technology, which will reduce the overall Carbon Footprint compared to conventional fossil fuel systems.