Climate Control Solutions for Mezzanine Areas at River Island

ATS can offer the most cost effective and low carbon solution for climate control within warehouses fitted with mezzanines, either as a dedicated system or as part of the overall warehouse solution.

Client – River Island

Project Scope & Objectives

When River Island decided to relocate its distribution super centre to Milton Keynes, it called upon Air Technology Systems to provide its Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Solution that would meet its sustainability requirements and its specific business needs within a mezzanine area, whilst utilising the very latest air induction technologies.

The River Island Warehouse was fitted with multi storey mezzanines and, contrary to what many people believe, air distribution with these mezzanine areas differs significantly from a conventional Warehouse Heating & Cooling Solution. Many warehouse operators assume that air will find its own way into these mezzanine areas because they are fitted within a ventilated space; the reality is that this is not the case.


The main issues that required careful consideration were overheating of occupants and lack of ventilation. The Industrial Warehouse was served by 4 No. AHUs, 2 No., externally serving the main warehouse and, 2 No. AHUs internally serving the high-level mezzanine areas. It was particularly critical to ensure that adequate ventilation was supplied into the body of the mezzanine and the appropriate amount of supply air was delivered to each level - providing a comfortable and productive working environment, and meeting health and safety requirements.

River Island case study
River Island case study


Our Industrial Heating & Cooling Systems are the ideal solution for creating the desired Climate Control throughout the mezzanine areas. The High Velocity System can provide Heating, Cooling and Ventilation into the body of the mezzanine, creating a comfortable and productive working environment. Small diameter unobtrusive ductwork is used to deliver the treated air into the body of mezzanine via a series of self-balancing air induction nozzles. The ductwork system is connected to a centralised AHU, which can be located either internally or externally.

Air Technology Systems are Industrial Climate Control Specialists, providing solutions including Extraction, Warehouse Heating, Cooling, Heat Recovery, Replacement Air Input and Odour Control. Working closely with clients, consultants and other engineering professionals, our design and project team offers a wealth of experience in the industry.