Ventilation and Odour Control System for Andigestion

This new-build Anaerobic Digestion Facility required a high-efficiency, Industrial Ventilation & Odour Control Solution.

Client – Andigestion Ltd

Andigestion Ltd designs and operates commercial scale anaerobic digestion plants for processing industrial and domestic food waste to create renewable energy and nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Project Scope & Objectives

As part of Andigestion’s bid to deliver a new Anaerobic Digestion facility for Gloucestershire County Council, Air Technology Systems were asked to:

  • Design an odour control system for the waste reception building, based on Environment Agency (EA) guidelines of 3 air changes per hour (ac/hr)
  • Provide best value whilst maximizing effectiveness


To adopt the E.A. guidelines of providing a ventilation/extraction rate of 3 air changes per hour was going to be prohibitive, due to the size of the odour control footprint, and the capital costs associated.

Air Technology Systems therefore needed to work collaboratively with the client to find a way to effectively capture and treat the odours generated from the food waste Anaerobic Digestion facility.

The Odour Control System also needed to be capable of treating a wide range of undefined odour compounds often associated with food waste Anaerobic Digestion facilities.


The design of the solution involved:

  • Where possible, capture of odours as close as possible to their source
  • Installation of our Industrial Ventilation System to significantly increase the efficiency of the ventilation within the building
  • Installation of curtains to contain odour within areas where we could capture it more effectively
  • Odour Control System comprising of a water scrubber and organic biofilter

The E.A. were kept informed of our approach, and in particular the fact that we were not going to provide 3 ac/hr for the whole building


  • Size of OCU significantly reduced
  • Operating costs reduced due to smaller fans and media quantity etc
  • Effectively ventilated building and no odour complaints
  • Acceptance of design by Environment Agency
  • Happy customer