What is it?

ATS, specialise in warehouse heating and cooling solutions – JETFLO is the name of our own low-energy, High Velocity Jet Nozzle System providing heating, ventilation, cooling, and air filtration system. The bespoke system can be enhanced with different renewable technologies such as solar, ground source heating and heat recovery, which can further reduce the amount of energy used and lower the carbon footprint.

Our proprietary air induction Jet Nozzle System can provide ventilation and efficient temperature control within large volume spaces – giving even air distribution vertically, and horizontally throughout the space, with the lowest carbon footprint. Typically, our Jet Nozzle Systems can operate in heights of up to 46m, along with serving mezzanine zones as low as 3m.

JETFLO may also be operated on full fresh air in summer to provide free cooling and ventilation for the building occupants and product, reducing energy consumption and running costs.

Our knowledge, experience and expertise in climate control systems is transferable across any number of industries, such as:

ATS JETFLO comes complete with stand-alone integral DDC control packages and can be interfaced with a building management system.

Suited to your needs:

There are many things to consider when designing and commissioning the right HVAC system, such as: the height of the building; the temperatures that needs to be maintained; any mezzanines, racking and attention to solar gains, mechanical heat gains and air quality.

  • Temperature – As specialists in climate control for product protection, we offer systems that provide heating, mechanical cooling, free cooling, and humidity control, as well as adhering to stringent MHRA guidelines within the pharmaceuticals industry.
  • Installation – ATS can install in both new and existing buildings with minimal disruption to the day-to-day operations.
  • Height – With experience of installing up to 46m and being the only climate control systems trained in rope access in the UK, ATS can adapt to any height required.
  • Design – We will ensure that the climate control conditions meet the building and product requirements, using 2D & 3D software.
  • Mezzanines – ATS Jet Nozzle Systems are the ideal solution for creating the desired climate control throughout mezzanine areas. Our system can provide mechanical cooling, and fresh air ventilation into the body of the mezzanine, creating a comfortable and productive working environment. Small diameter, unobstructive ductwork is used to deliver the treated air into the body of mezzanine via a series of self-balancing JETFLO nozzles.
Temperature control warehouse system with high velocity ventilation
Temperature control system, ductwork going to Air Handling Unit (AHU) on mezzanine
Temperature control system, ductwork going to Air Handling Unit (AHU)
Distribution centre HVAC system showing ductwork and nozzles

With the environmental landscape everchanging, we understand that having a “green ethos” is becoming fundamental to our clients, therefore ATS are keen to offer an all-electric solution, which can utilise a range of renewable energy sources.  Alternatively, where electrical power is not available, we can provide a hybrid solution that incorporates gas-fired heat pumps to suit our client’s needs. Within the next 10 years, gas powered burners will move to electric, which are up to 400% more energy efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Wind turbine icon, generate energy efficiently

Generate Energy Efficiently

Solar/Wind technology
Ground/Air Heat Pumps
Solarwall Specialist Technologies
Air handling unit, process energy efficiently

Process Energy Efficiently

Chiller Heat Pump
Hydrocarbon Refridgerant
Electric/Gas Burner
Ductwork and nozzles, distribute energy efficiently

Distribute Energy Efficiently

Induction Heat Recovery
Uses energy recovered from space
Ensures equal heat/cold distribution