ATS provides both planned preventative and reactive maintenance for Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Odour Control Systems, across the UK. Breakdowns of HVAC plants can cause major disruption as well as having major financial impacts.

We offer Service and Maintenance for most industrial HVAC applications and our specialist areas are:

  • HVAC serving pharmaceutical warehouses/depots, including the maintenance of Gas Fired Heat Pumps (GHPs). We understand the requirements and importance of adhering to MHRA guidance around temperature control and the need for an expedient and efficient service.
  • HVAC serving warehouses and distribution
  • Specialist LEV & ventilation systems in industrial applications
  • Odour control and ventilation systems serving specialist sites (Wastewater Treatment, Sewage Treatment & HVAC systems serving nuclear sites)

Our specialist engineers are located nationwide improving response time and ensuring your plant and systems are maintained and serviced to ensure maximum efficiency, reliability, and longevity.

We can offer a range of Service and Maintenance contracts that are available for all our HVAC installations, both new and existing and those installed by other contractors. We offer planned preventative maintenance packages along with providing a 7-day call out service for breakdowns.

If you choose to partner with us you can also rest assured, we will ensure compliance of your HVAC systems with all industry standards, health and safety and environmental legislation (e.g., REFCOM).

For more information, contact us on 01527 833383 or email

ATS hardhat next to site documentation
High velocity ductwork nozzle next to ATS installer with high vis