Air Technology Systems specialises in providing the most effective Temperature Control solutions for Pharmaceutical warehouses, to ensure they meet the requirements of both the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) and manufacturers.

MHRA reports show temperature control to be the single biggest issue now facing Pharmaceutical warehouses air conditioning. The ideal solution to deal with these potential temperature problems is ATS’ JETFLO air induction nozzle systems, which offers horizontal and vertical temperature control throughout the operational area, including densely racked mezzanine areas.

The roof level ductwork provides warm or cool air into the space via a series of self-balancing JETFLO nozzles; thus, requiring no high-level maintenance and no operational down time. We usually provide a temperature-controlled solution (15-25°C) into the medicine warehouse facility to meet the product specification.

Health and safety can pose a particular issue with Pharmaceutical projects as the warehouses remain operational throughout most of the project. We can either undertake our work out of hours to provide minimum disruption or our SHEQ Manager will ensure health and safety is maintained from design to commissioning in accordance with MHRA guidelines.

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