ATS work in all manufacturing environments including heavy and light industry, food and drink and nuclear, using proprietary and general solutions in a range of materials including PVC, GRP, Stainless Steel and galvanised metal we can provide the correct solution to the correct specification and industry standards.

Logistics & Warehouse

Climate control management for large, open plan, industrial and commercial warehouses.

JETFLO high velocity nozzle induction system is idea for; heating, cooling, ventilation, frost protection, air replacement, heat recovery and fume dilution.

The bespoke system can be enhanced with different renewable technologies such as solar and ground heating, which can further reduce the amount of energy used and lower the carbon footprint even further

Waste heat is recycled constantly to provide optimum economy and recovery of free heat produced from gains within the building – for example in lighting, meaning that JETFLO is working on your behalf 100% of the time. Once installed, the system is self-balancing therefore no high level maintenance is required, letting you get on with your day to day job in the comfort of a well maintained climate.


The JETFLO nozzle system is the most cost effective and low carbon solution for Pharmaceutical temperature control.

Air Technology Systems are established HVAC design and installation contractors specialising in effective temperature control solutions for pharmaceutical warehouses to meet MHRA requirements.

Our systems provide end users with a reliable cost effective solution that will ensure you adhere to the stringent regulations the market sector demands.

MHRA reports show that temperature increases have been the single biggest issue for those responsible for the storage of pharmaceutical products, changes in building regulations has seen improvements made to insulation and thermal efficiency which means concerns with heating and keeping a building warm have been replaced with how to ensure it stays cool during higher external temperatures caused by global warming.

Water & Waste Water

ATS provide two types of solution into the water and wastewater industry, Ventilation and Odour Control. Both types of solution can be provided individually, but often they are used to compliment one another.
Over the 25 years that ATS have been operating, we have provided these solutions for every type of building and process in the industry, and use a combination of traditional and innovative techniques to design and install individual solutions for each Client.

We have supplied installations into every major water company in the UK ranging from major (£5.0m+) combined ventilation and odour solutions projects e.g Lee Tunnel and Woolston, to numerous simple MCC heat removal jobs starting from £10k.

Advocates for early engagement and collaboration with both the Client and other Contractors our aim is to achieve the optimum solution whilst always considering both the capital and operating costs (TOTEX).

Waste Management

Whether your requirement is for a multi-million pound Energy from Waste (EfW) plant, a food waste Anaerobic Digestion (AD) facility, an In-Vessel Composting facility or a Waste Transfer Station, we have the ventilation and odour control systems that can be designed to meet your requirements.

ATS use a combination of traditional and innovative proprietary techniques to optimise a solution, taking the unique conditions encountered for each of the above environments and adapting our solutions to meet that particular challenge.

So if you need to remove enormous amounts of heat from around gasifiers, or improve internal conditions within the high humidity of an IVC facility, we have the capability to design the right solution for you.
Our odour control solutions for the waste industry, particularly the organics recycling sector are widely recognised as Best Available Technique (BAT), and when combined with our ventilation knowledge, identifies ATS as the obvious choice for solutions in this sector.

Maintenance Facilities

Careful consideration must be given to adequately heat and ventilate the maintenance pits, dilution of fume build-up, heat recovery once the doors are closed and summer ventilation. Jetflo air induction nozzle systems are the ideal solution for addressing these issues and creating the desired climate control within the operational area.
The JETFLO air induction nozzle system de-stratifies the air creating balanced temperatures and avoiding major heat loss through the roof by re-directing heating loads. Free cooling also means low cost summer ventilation.

The AHU is designed to fit wherever it is required, internally or externally; at high or low level; making the unit easily accessible. As the system is self balancing there is no requirement for high level maintenance. All air-handling units are fully CE marked and include a DDC integrated control package providing single point commissioning.

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