Air Technology Systems have been successfully providing odour control solutions to the UK market for 25 years. A combination of high quality innovative design, high efficiency manufacturing and effective project management techniques ensures a structured and planned route to project completion.

ATS have a joint venture partnership with CMI Europe Environnement who are Europe’s largest dedicated odour control manufacturer.

We are able to offer a complete range of odour control equipment (see below) which is manufactured in a modern state-of-the-art factory. We offer a complete service ideally based on a collaborative approach with the Client and other Contractors, that can include odour surveys and analysis, pilot plant study, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance. We are also able to survey existing systems and make recommendations to improve performance and reduce running costs.

Industries We Work In

Anaerobic Digestion Sewage Pumping Stations
Composting Sludge Treatment Works
Energy from Waste Sludge Treatment
MSW Advanced Digestion
Effluent Treatment
Pet Food Manufacturing
Fish Processing

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Joint venture alliance with CMI Europe Environment – Europe’s largest design & manufacturer of odour treatment systems
  • State-of-the-Art design & manufacturing facility in the Alsace, France
  • Odour technologies include Biofilters, Chemical Scrubbers, and Carbon / Catalytic Dry Scrubbers
  • Guaranteed levels of odour removal
  • Full consideration given to both capital and operating costs when designing solution
  • Unmatched level of quality control – all equipment sourced and pre-assembled at CMI EE factory prior to dispatch
  • Surveys & reporting on existing OCU installations
  • OCU modification, repair and media replacement

We have a range of ventilation techniques that we often use to enhance the solutions we provide. A key aspect of this is our ability to often reduce the volume of air requiring treatment. This results in less energy usage as the systems, fans and motors are smaller

Our solutions are based on three proven and approved odour control technologies


Chemical scrubbers are ideal for treating fluctuating odour loads where space is at a premium.

  • Quick to react to variations in odour load
  • Capable of treating a wide range of odour compounds
  • A comparatively small footprint to other odour technologies
  • Excellent removal characteristics
  • Manufactured from recyclable thermoplastics
  • Can be used as sole treatment stage or as part of a larger odour solution


Bio-filters are suitable for treating constant odour loads, with excellent operating costs.

  • Can be used as sole treatment or as part of a larger package
  • Organic and in-organic media’s available
  • Bio-filters have excellent whole life costs with some media’s capable of up to 25 years life
  • Innovative organic bio-filter design, ensuring minimal civil costs and complete control of the media environment


Our dry media filters are excellent for intermittent odour loads and suitable for most applications.

  • Excellent for treating intermittent odour loads
  • Often used on part of a larger package to improve whole life costs e.g. polishing stage
  • Suitable for a comprehensive range of medias

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