Due to the nature and speciality of the Heating, Cooling Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) services Air Technology Systems Ltd provide, much of our core work is working within highly regulated industries:

Working within these highly regulated industries and sectors drives continuous improvement, innovation, and Health & Safety within the organisation, with many procedures being revised/created that enhance the customer’s experience throughout the full life cycle of the project.

Rail Shed & Maintenance
Automotive & Manufacturing
Aircraft Hangers
MCC (Motor Control Centre) Process Cooling
Lee Tunnel ductwork with rope access

Rail Shed & Maintenance

Air Technology Systems Ltd specialise in the Heating, Cooling and Ventilation of Rail Shed Terminal Buildings. These buildings are generally used for the maintenance, storage, and manufacture of modern-day train-locomotives.

Due to the layout, design, and operation of this type of building the solution for the Heating, Cooling and Ventilation must be rapid, practical, and efficient. The ATS Proprietary jet nozzle system is designed for such an application and is specifically designed in mind to deal with the recovery time of heat-up when train-shed doors are opened to allow for the movement and transportation of locomotives.

Rail shed with high velocity ductwork

Automotive & Manufacturing

Air Technology Systems Ltd have worked as a solutions provider within the automotive industry for decades.

We have had the privilege of designing, installing, and commissioning some of the country’s most prestigious projects covering a range of Heating, Cooling and Ventilation Services. Our specialist services include:

  • LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) Systems
  • Proprietary JETFLO Air Induction High Velocity Systems
  • Displacement Ventilation Systems
Warehouse racking high velocity ventilation

Aircraft Hangers

Air Technology Systems Ltd specialise in the Heating, Cooling and Ventilation of Aircraft Hangars. These buildings are generally used for the maintenance, storage and manufacturing of modern-day airplanes and helicopters.

The ATS’ jet nozzle system is designed in mind to deal with the recovery time of heat-up when hangar-bay doors are opened – this in essence is effectively opening one side of the building in its entirety to the elements outside, therefore the method of heat-regeneration and distribution is pivotal in maintaining the internal temperature and condition. However, the hangar-bay use will determine the method of Heating, Cooling & Ventilation that can be deployed and as such we effectively design, install and commission the following systems in this type of building.

  • JETFLO Air Induction High Velocity Systems
  • Displacement Ventilation Systems
Aircraft hangar heating and cooling ventilation ductwork


The Nuclear industry is very highly regulated; our collaborative approach at Air Technology Systems Ltd means we can provide impressive, turnkey HVAC packages to the Nuclear sector.

We pride ourselves on our continuous improvement core ideology in terms of the development of quality systems, ranging from:

  • SQEP
    • Identifying: Suitably, Qualified, Experienced Persons
  • ITP
    • Inspection & Test Plan
    • FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing)
    • SAT (Site Acceptance Testing)
    • Quality Plan
    • Deliverables
  • Sub-Contractor / SME Flow Down procedures & processes
  • Security
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Enhanced H&S

The above list (not wholly inclusive) are processes and procedures we have always implemented and maintained, however with our experience working on Nuclear Sites, we have been able to develop these strategies such that they become a company-wide culture and delivery model.

ATS can provide and work to both High Integrity and Low Integrity Specifications and work with the following materials to meet these specifications:

  • Galvanised Mild Steel
    • Spirally Wound / Seem Welded / Fully Welded
  • Stainless Steel 304 and 316
    • Seem Welded / Fully welded
  • uPVC / GRP
    • Fully Welded / Glass Fibre Jointed

We can design, install, and commission the following systems for this application:

  • Proprietary JETFLO Air Induction High Velocity Systems
  • Displacement Ventilation Systems
  • Air Conditioning
  • Controls
  • General Supply & Extract Ventilation
  • LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) Systems
Extract/supply in-line ventilation fan
Ventilation GRP/plastic ductwork with rooftop discharge via efflux stack


Air Technology Systems supports the UK mining industry, supplying bespoke ventilation systems to above ground operations. Mission critical processes such as winders and control panels need cooling and heating to guarantee safe use as well as specialist filtration to ensure they are not put at risk from site operations.

Collaborating with international engineering teams and our extensive supply chain, ATS can offer unique design solutions with speedy procurement strategies to deliver for our clients.

ATS also fully support our mining installations with our on-call service & maintenance team providing 24/7, 365 engineering assistance.

Mining ventilation solution on construction site

MCC (Motor Control Centre) Process Cooling

To design a good ventilation system within MCC, UPS, switchgear and transformer rooms, the air in the room must meet various requirements. The most important is not to exceed the permissible maximum temperature. By doing so you compromise the life and integrity of the equipment within which may cause serious implications to the end user.

Although the majority of MCC, UPS, switchgear and transformer rooms require cooling, we also provide heating solutions to work effortlessly in conjunction with our cooling systems during the colder months to ensure your equipment is compliant with manufactures guidelines and avoid operational critical process failure.

Our solutions are varied from client to client however whether it be a simple air conditioning solution to heat recovery through mechanical ventilation then we are the only ones you can trust.

By engaging with ATS not only do you have peace of mind that we shall fully understand your requirements but also, we shall align our solution with current end user standards to provide a comprehensive solution that will guarantee results in many years to come.

Motor control centre (MCC room) process cooling

What Next?

Our experience within these sectors enables us to tailor full, bespoke packages that deliver on performance and client expectations. This is achieved through collaborative working with our clients and providing detailed analysis and feasibility early in the project, to assess the best solution in terms of:

• Performance
• Efficiency
• Distribution & Effectiveness

We can provide, running costs, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), Thermal Modelling and visits to existing and operational sites to determine and identify the best solution.

For more information, please contact us on 01527 833383, or email info@atsclimate.com.

Specialist Applications Case Studies