Interserve, who in partnership with Shanks Waste Management (now Renewi), formed Resource Recovery Solutions (RRS) Derbyshire to manage waste for Derby City Council and Derbyshire County Council.


Ventilation system for a new Waste Treatment Centre in Derby.

ATS Scope & Objectives:

To supply and install ventilation solutions within the new facility, which included several different areas with varying challenges, including:

  • Reception Bays and Hall
  • Oversize Area
  • MRF Hall
  • RDF Bunker
  • ACT Hall & Basement
  • FGT Hall
  • Turbine Hall
  • Ash Bunker

Before ATS joined the project, a ventilation scheme had been designed by a consultant, to support the planning application. This meant we had to work within the significant restrictions of that accepted design.

Further challenges included:

  • The initial scheme design using air extraction only to achieve the required outcomes
  • Constraints on the total air volume that could pass through a pre-designed biofilter
  • No allowance being made for vehicle emissions within the reception bay area


We used a variety of forced air techniques, including our proprietary JETFLO nozzle system, to ensure effective air movement in critical areas.

ATS designed a separate system, complete with odour control, to provide the additional air change requirement for the reception bay area due to the vehicle emissions.

Throughout the project ATS continued to recommend improvements as required, and demonstrated excellent Project Management skills on a site that had numerous contractors all trying to complete their part of the scheme!


ATS delivered an exceptional ventilation solution to a challenging project that was already experiencing issues, including delays to the overall programme.

Working collaboratively with Interserve and their consultants, ATS maximized the ventilation efficiency whilst working within the significant constraints of the scheme’s approved initial design.

Next Steps:

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