Temperature controlled frost protection system for food distribution warehouse in Ipswich.


Food Distribution

Client – LDH (LA Doria) LTD

One of the world’s largest, family owned own label supplier of canned and dried goods to the leading UK supermarket chains.


Temperature controlled frost protection system for a newly acquired food distribution warehouse in Ipswich.

ATS Scope and Objective

To design, supply and install a frost protection system at the newly built food distribution warehouse, which included a 40m high bay area. The required temperature to be achieved throughout the warehouse for protection of the sprinkler system was 5°C.

The warehouse itself was divided into 3 main sections: the low bay, the 40m high bay and the mezzanine. The high bay alone had an area of 8280m².


The biggest challenge faced by the team was due to the sheer height of the high bay area alongside the tight deadline and relatively short time frame given: 6 weeks. This meant work on the project was fast paced throughout and included careful coordination with other trades to get the project completed to specification and on time.

At over 40m high, the biggest requirement was to ensure a constant and even temperature distribution, both horizontally and vertically, throughout the high bay area. A large percentage of the works had to be carried out at the 40m roof-level height, therefore specialist equipment was required on site in order to gain full access.

ATS, having been in the industry for over 25 years, had the right expertise and knowledge to be able to take on a unique and challenging project such as this one.


The knowledge and understanding of what the client required meant that our dedicated team designed an air induction system utilizing our JETFLO nozzle technology with 3 specialist air handling units.

To achieve an even temperature distribution throughout the area’s, in particular the 40m high bay area, the design team had to meticulously select ductwork routes, sizes and the appropriate equipment in order to meet the requirements.

A total of 750KW of heating was supplied to the building and over 1000m of ductwork was installed within the short time frame given. 1 ahu was dedicated to serve the mezzanine area, 1 ahu was dedicated to serve one side of the high and low bay areas, and 1 ahu was dedicated to serve the other half of the high and low bay areas, resulting in even temperature distribution throughout.


ATS possess a wealth of experience within design and project management, and the hard work and dedication given by the onsite teams meant the project goals were met within deadline and to the high exacting standard that is always adhered to.

Our JETFLO system provided a constant, air temperature of 5 degrees C throughout the high bay and low bay areas, as well as the mezzanine area.

Our engineers worked around the clock to provide the client with a successfully installed, high specification system, designed for one of the UK’s largest high bay areas.

The project was completed within the time frame and within budget, and the best result of all was a happy client.