Project Description

Ventilation System for a new building at Sellafield

ATS provide ventilation system

From first discussions, we liaised with Morgan Sindall for a full understanding of all the implications associated with working on the Sellafield site.

Our innovative decision to manufacture, assemble and test all equipment off-site saved project time and money and enabled full inspection prior to delivery. In total 75% of commissioning was completed off-site.

To combat the corrosive nature of the coastal location, all external equipment was constructed from high grade stainless steel with a 60 year lifetime.

This was our first major nuclear project and not surprisingly, this presented a number of challenges.

The core installation challenges for ATS:

  • Significantly higher technical specification and quality levels across the entire project
  • The security requirements that needed to be fulfilled and the physical logistics of working within a highly protected and secure nuclear decommissioning site
  • Understanding the culture of Sellafield and this very sensitive industry
  • In addition to the industry-related challenges, we had the physical challenge of Sellafield’s coastal location and the associated aggressive and corrosive environment that creates

ATS Approach

ATS helped to exceed all of the project’s goals with completion achieved in a quicker time frame than predicted and with the overall project an impressive £11M under budget!

This outcome was reflected in Morgan Sindall’s project assessment, where the company scored ATS a ‘good to excellent’ 9/10 in nine categories and an ‘excellent’ 10/10 in four categories, namely; Innovation, Technical Support, Management and Delighted Customer! All of which gave us an overall assessment score of 92%!

The project also received a ‘Sellafield Award for Return on Investment’!

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