Project Description

Pharmaceutical Warehouse Cooling Solutions for Storage Facility. 2,400m2

ATS provide JETFLO Cooling & Heating Ventilation Solution


Building Type; Warehouse Ambient Storage Facility
Length;              40m
Width;                60m
Floor Area;        2400 m²
AHU TYPE;       DX Cooling & indirect gas heating


A leading independent PLC based in the South East is one of the largest pharmacy chains in the UK and Europe.  As well as a strong pharmacy base, the Group contains a central distribution division with its warehouses supplying over 4,000 pharmaceutical products to its 300+ retail pharmacies across southern England.


To provide a temperature controlled solution (15-25°C) into the Croydon warehouse facility to meet the MHRA’s regulations, and manufactures stringent product specification. In addition, the system needed future proofing to take into account changing MHRA regulations and higher summer time temperatures.

Not meeting the requirements of the MHRA regulations can mean:

  • The suspension of a company’s wholesale distribution licence
  • Compulsory variation of licences to exclude certain activities
  • Sanctions and legal action against the Responsible Person

Loss of a company’s distribution licence altogether


ATS had a number of challenges to consider and overcome with this project, some of which were:

  • Even temperature distribution to ±1°C
  • Unevenly populated areas, including packed mezzanine areas
  • The need for high energy-efficiency and low running costs
  • A tight deadline
  • Installing within an operational working environment


To achieve all of the project’s goals, ATS installed an JETFLO air induction heating, cooling & ventilation system.

Main ducting at roof level, as well as unobtrusive small diameter ductwork with self-balancing JETFLO nozzles, provided even horizontal and vertical total temperature control throughout the warehouse.

The ductwork system was connected to a centralised Air Handling Unit (AHU) at ground level, outside the building. And to further ease and speed up the installation time, the AHU was supplied on a skid to enable it to be slotted straight into position.


Our specialist-designed Air Handling Units enable night-purge ventilation, which gives free summer cooling to significantly lower energy costs and reduce the company’s carbon output.

The company’s designated Responsible Person now have complete peace of mind that their Croydon warehouse facility is storing the company’s pharmaceuticals within the temperature band stipulated by the MHRA regulations, at all times.

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