Project Description

Clean Water Supply Works, Southern Water

Air Conditioning & Ventilation

Morrison Utility Services were replacing the pumping system on site and the main Motor Control Centre (MCC), which would now incorporate 3no. 160kW Variable Speed Drives (VSD’S). The water supply works were contained in an architecturally interesting building which included a central dome and upstands with numerous small glass windows to allow natural light into the building.

Design Challenge

ATS had discussions with MUS about the potential to alter the MCC design to suit a more effective and less costly ventilation solution, but due to on-site conditions it would not be possible to re-configure the MCC panels to discharge heat vertically, which would have allowed us to capture the heat directly. Therefore 20kW of heat is discharged directly into the room.

In addition, the strict Southern Water specifications state that the internal temperature should not exceed 30°C with an external temperature of 28°C.

The Solution

ATS proposed a combination of mechanical ventilation to extract the warm air being discharged by the VSD’s and the mechanical cooling by split A/C units.

The ATS extract grilles were positioned so that they could capture the MCC discharge air as effectively as possible.

Replacement air enters the building via a number of slot louvres that have been located in the upstand walls above the MCC room.

To ensure the internal temperature can be maintained below 30°C when the external temperature is 28°C, it was necessary for us to install Air Conditioning units. The units will only operate once higher temperatures are being experienced. In typical conditions, the mechanical ventilation system will be sufficient.

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