ATS specialise in providing highly efficient HVAC systems for Warehouses and Distribution Centres. We use a combination of proprietary techniques to enhance the design and installation of innovative solutions that maximise ventilation efficiency throughout the space.

Distribution Centres and Warehouses vary in size, complexity, levels of automation, numbers of occupants; with the products and goods being stored varying widely too. Our dedicated design team specialise in taking all these factors and their variants into account, approaching each project individually, with fresh eyes. This method ensures that we provide the best HVAC solution for every single project we work on, always meeting the brief, budget and delivering the solution within the agreed project deadline.

ATS’ high velocity JETFLO nozzle induction system is ideal for large industrial and commercial warehouses, due to its capabilities of:

  • Cooling
  • Heating
  • Ventilation
  • Frost protection
  • Air replacement
  • Heat recovery
  • Fume dilution

As distribution warehouses can be furnished with multi-storey mezzanine areas, air distribution within these mezzanine areas can differ significantly from a conventional warehouse solution. It is critical to ensure that adequate ventilation is supplied into the body of the mezzanine, and the appropriate amount of supply air is delivered to each level – thus providing a comfortable and productive working environment whilst meeting health and safety requirements.

Warehousing and distribution jet nozzle (heating/cooling) system
Pharmaceutical warehouse air handling unit with ductwork

Distribution & Warehousing Case Studies