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Air Technology Systems are a design and project management organisation for the innovative supply and installation of industrial building services, ventilation and heavier industrial systems.

Founded in 1992, the company prides itself on selecting the most appropriate solutions to balance capital costs and operational and maintenance costs.

We analyse each opportunity to ensure a selection of appropriate solutions based upon in depth discussions with client organisations and their specifications.

Once this process has been completed, we look to select several options to allow the client to reduce the capital cost further or select systems that are lower in on going operation and maintenance costs.

From drawing board to 3D visuals

We have our own in-house team of designers including 2D and 3D BIM CAD engineers, and technical graduates. ATS are at the forefront of 3D modelling for meticulous co-ordination and our engineers have a wealth of experience. Based on information provided by clients, we can produce 2D drawings ranging from fabrication to installation. 3D Coordination through optimising innovation and utilising drafting software we can translate a design into real life 3D models. Interacting with our client organisations in the planning of projects enables high quality expeditious project completions.

Our ATS designers are British Occupational Hygiene Society (BOHS) P602 qualified. The P602 qualification gives the designers the tools behind the design principals of Local Exhaust Ventilation System (LEV), LEV’s are controlled and regulated by COSHH Regulation 9. In addition to the P602, a number of our staff hold the BOHS P601 qualification which allows the engineers to thoroughly examine and test existing LEV systems; identify issues and recommend solutions to ineffective LEV installations.

ATS have experienced over many years a wide selection of different projects and often take solutions that are appropriate in one market arena for innovating in another arena. An example of this, is the use of our proprietary JETFLO systems, that was originally used for heating of warehouses and that is now used in a range of heavy industrial and light commercial applications from fume dilution in sewage works to low energy heating and ventilation of atriums.

ATS have a range of in-house proprietary solutions that have been installed on many occasions and that can be proposed as an option if the client so requires or put forward as the main option. Where ATS group proprietary solution is not appropriate, more conventional solutions will be offered using quality products that are readily available from the market. ATS group work across all industrial and commercial sectors, and have recently completed projects for high class hotels, commercial buildings, and large sewage works and pharmaceutical buildings.

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“The work carried out was first rate, the crew were knowledgeable and all equipment and PPE was in very good order”

David Doe

Morrison Utility Services,

Site Manager

“ATS have worked with us to develop a solution that resulted in a significant reduction in capital cost.”

Neil Pollard

General Manager,