Air Technology Systems use a combination of traditional and proprietary ventilation techniques to design and install innovative solutions which maximise ventilation efficiency.

A combination of high quality innovative design, high efficiency manufacturing and effective project management techniques, ensures a structured and planned route to project completion.

Integrated collaboration with the client and suppliers plays a major role in the design process with all solutions designed to ensure the balance between the capital cost of equipment and the operating costs of the system (TOTEX).

We can also survey existing ventilation / HVAC systems and make recommendations to improve performance and reduce running costs. we are proud to be at the forefront of this specialist industry.

Our JETFLO nozzle supply air system, significantly increases ventilation efficiency which benefits numerous applications, we use it to reduce the volume of air which needs to be treated, which can then allow reduction in the size of the odour control plant, extract fans and overall energy consumption.

Industries We Work In

Water Treatment Anaerobic Digestion
Sewage Treatment In-vessel Composting
Pumping Stations Energy from Waste
MCC’s Effluent Treatment
Manufacturing Pet Food Manufacturing
Automotive Fish Processing

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Ventilation & Odour Control

Case Study Andigestion Food Waste Recycling

When advised of the expected costs of an odour control system to treat the volume of air recommended by the Environment Agency, Andigestion General Manager Neil Pollard advised that they simply did not have the budget for it.

ATS and Andigestion worked together to develop a solution that significantly reduced the volumes of air that required odour treatment. Several techniques were combined to achieve the results and included ATS’ JETFLO nozzle supply system.

The EA were kept informed throughout the process and were happy for the project to proceed even though the volumes of air were much less than their guidance suggests.

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Air Conditioning & Ventilation

Case Study Clean Water Supply Works, Southern Water

Following a competitive tender process, Morrison Utility Services (MUS), awarded Air Technology Systems (ATS) the sub-contract to provide ventilation services to the Southern Water, Clean Water Supply Works at Mile Oak, near Brighton.

Morrison Utility Services were replacing the pumping system on site and the main Motor Control Centre (MCC), which would now incorporate 3no. 160kW Variable Speed Drives (VSD’S).

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“The work carried out was first rate, the crew were knowledgeable and all equipment and PPE was in very good order”

David Doe

Morrison Utility Services,

Site Manager

“ATS have worked with us to develop a solution that resulted in a significant reduction in capital cost.”

Neil Pollard

General Manager,


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