ATS JETFLO design and install heating, ventilation, cooling and air filtration systems for any large volume, open plan industrial, production, warehouses and pharmaceutical buildings. With systems installed in some of the largest logistics and pharmaceutical warehouses, retail distribution systems, postal sorting halls, maintenance depots and production sites in the UK.

Our energy warehouse temperature control system recycles waste heat constantly to provide optimum recovery of free heat produced from heat gains within the building – for example; in lighting and mechanical handling equipment, also using the high efficiency equipment meaning that the system is working on your behalf, saving 100% of the time.

Our systems are efficient by design, using available free cooling to provide benefits of energy efficiency, come complete with integral DDC control packages and can be interfaced with building management systems (BMS).

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Our JET NOZZLE SYSTEM is a bespoke, energy saving and low carbon emission solutions for your HVAC requirement.

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Jetflo Key Features

  • Reduce energy costs
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Provide even air distribution (horizontally and vertically)
  • Have a temperature tolerance of +/-1°C (guaranteed)
  • Have low capital and running costs
  • Be installed promptly with minimal disruption using innovative rope access methods where possible
  • Keep stratification to a minimum
  • Offer temperature monitoring
  • Offer frost protection, heat recovery and fume dilution

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