Air Technology Systems design and install a wide range of industrial ventilation solutions to control the environment, protect the workforce and increase productivity. It is crucial to control hazardous gases, dusts and mists within the building to protect the workforce, the product and the building. Air Technology systems provide a range of solutions to ensure that the internal and external environments are thoroughly protected.

Local exhaust ventilations systems with specially design hoods or connections are highly efficient in removing substances that can be hazardous to the health of the operatives. High efficiency filtration plant is essential to ensure that the external environment is further protected.

The use of an air replacement system can also to key to ensuring effective air removal and comfortable operating conditions. A system with a high ventilation efficiency will control the air within the building and ensure that the extract hoods are operating effectively.

It is important to note that while properly designed exhaust systems will remove contaminants they should not be relied upon to draw outside air into the building. If replacement air is only allowed to enter the building via louvered apertures then there is no control of the replacement air.

This can result in reduced efficiency of the extract hood, undiluted hazardous air remaining in the vicinity of the operators and condensation issues for the products and building.

Air Technology Systems design, install and commission all of the various aspects of the systems that are needed to provide a comprehensive solution to any industrial heating, ventilation or air conditioning problem. This includes the ductwork manufactured in a variety of materials, odour, mist or gas filtration plants to scrub the air and all air replacement equipment give a high ventilation efficiency.

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