Air Technology Systems Ltd worked alongside Enpure and Wessex Engineering and Construction Services to design the ventilation systems for the major new water treatment facility that supplies around 200,000 people in central Somerset.

A major investment by Wessex Water, the works needed specialist proprietary ventilation systems to protect personnel, equipment and the buildings and do so at low energy consumption. The works consist of a main treatment building, with low level gallery pipework areas, chlorine storage/dosing, electrical and MCC rooms. There is also a DAF plant, sludge building and dirty washwater building. There were over sixteen areas in total that require innovative ventilation solutions.

The design of the air treatment systems began in February 2008 and the first installation commenced in June of that year. The new works began supplying water to the area in February 2009 and after demolition of the existing works there will be an opening ceremony in the autumn.

The first hurdle to overcome was the design of a solution that could effectively supply air to the underground pipework galleries. Not only was this a maze of different areas, but the large process pipework would need to take priority during coordination of services. This meant that available space for the ventilation system was limited and that installation may have proved problematic with conventional ventilation techniques. However ATS provided a tailored solution in the form of our proprietary JETFLO ventilation system. JETFLO uses higher velocity distribution resulting in small ductwork diameters. Air is discharged into the space by high velocity nozzles. As the air leaves the JETFLO nozzle it entrains the surrounding air into the nozzle air stream, thereby thoroughly mixing all the air in the space. Any local noxious gases are therefore diluted quickly and clean fresh air is distributed throughout the area constantly. The installation of ductwork within this area began after all other major services were complete so that there would be no damage to our ductwork. The JETFLO system was served by run and standby fans positioned outside of the area in a dedicated plantroom. The ductwork was manufactured in galvanised metal as risk of corrosion in this area was minimal.

UPVC ductwork was used in the chlorine drum store and chlorinator room. The design was based on providing two air changes per hour ventilation during normal operation, increasing to ten air changes upon a low level chlorine leak detection. The ventilation systems automatically stop if higher leakage is detected and shut off dampers close to isolate the room. Plastic centrifugal run and standby fans were used in the drum store and an in-line plastic fan for the smaller chlorinator room.

MCC room ventilation was designed to ensure that rooms do not overheat in summer and that available heat is recovered and recycled in the main treatment building. In this way energy was recovered and used again. Energy was also a consideration in the dirty washwater building, where natural ventilation was the chosen option thereby consuming no energy. All systems used high efficiency motors and the controls were designed to ensure optimised energy use, energy conservation being a major priority through the design of the whole project.

Commissioning was completed in January 2009 and handover to the client was made prior to the commencement of operations in February 2009.

Air Technology Systems designs and installs a complete range of ventilation and odour control systems for the water and wastewater industry. We have been working within the industry for nearly twenty years and have built up a vast experience throughout many water and sewage arenas. Odour control systems available include biofilters and scrubbers, dry carbon filters and chemical scrubbers.

We will again this year be supporting the Wessex Water initiative ‘business 4 life’ in aid of Wateraid by supporting and sponsoring an evening of entertainment aboard the world’s first great Ocean Liner – Brunel’s S.S. Great Britain on Friday 18th September. Last year’s event was a great success raising many thousands of pounds and we are sure the 2009 event will be just as beneficial. To help sponsor the charity please contact any of the following.

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